Pure Cardigan Rock

Admired by Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens for their contribution to popular music and having also won plaudits for their achievements by leading lights in the music industry in Wales, two brothers from Cardigan this week are celebrating thirty five years of making music and running a renowned recording studio in their seaside town.  Popular rock outfit Ail Symudiad are setting off on the road again to launch their new book which is documenting five decades of performing in venues across Wales and recording several memorable hits. With classics such as Rifieira Cymraeg, Garej Paradwys and Twristiaid yn y Dre, the band has over the years built up a following throughout the country.

Ail Symudiad

This book is an important milestone for brothers Richard (Jones) and Wyn (Lewis Jones) Fflach as they’re fondly known across Wales. As Richard explained, they both are looking forward to returning to touring again to complement the book launch.

Richard explained, “I’m looking forward to this mini tour of Wales, the launch will be in Tafwyl Festival, Cardiff; Saith Seren bar, Wrexham, the town where I organized several mini-bus visits to watch Wales play in the 70s and 80s;Gwyl Arall festival, Caernarfon and of course the home gig in Oak Hall, Rhosygilwen near Cardigan. The humour is an important feature of the band and one of the reasons why we continue to play, and also the social side is great, and meeting friends in the north and south. ”

Ail Symudiad were the first Welsh band to come from Cardigan as they were the only band that did not come from the university halls of residence as did many Welsh bands at the time, as Richard explained.

“Some people may not know but Ail Symudiad is the first Welsh band that did not come from school or college, and at the beginning of our career we didn’t know anyone, but after meeting The Trwynau Coch, we sent a demo to Eurof Williams, producer of the Sosban programme and that was our break into the Welsh Music Scene. At the time there were no other bands from Cardigan. ”

Not only that they are part of a successful and productive band, the two brothers have been active since 1981 in running their recording label Fflach which is now one of Wales’ leading record companies. Originally, Fflach Records label was formed to help other bands get attention and give them the opportunity to record and release singles. But the two brothers decided to continue with the label in 1984, and now has a wide variety of music on their catalogue, and over 400 titles on all four labels -Fflach, Fflach: tradd, Rasp and Mwldan and 32 track recording studio . With Richard’s sons, Dafydd and Osian now part of the band, Ail Symudiad faces the twenty-first century with confidence.

In the book, we delve into the fascinating history of the band and the label alike, with a host of prominent artists paying tribute to the brothers from Cardigan.DJ Huw Stephens praised their contribution to Wales,

“Their love for music, family, friends and places in their daily lives are intertwined, and that the country, and the music scene, would be a poorer place without them and their great work.”


For further information or  request an interview with Richard or Wyn, please contact Deian ap Rhisiart on 07786323618 or deian@mwndo.com

Images: Caption: Richard Jones a Wyn Lewis Jones playing live.


Video Archive –  Garej Paradwys :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2zMjeB6Hq8

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Website  www.ylolfa.com

Ail Symudiad on tour / A night of song and reminiscing with Ail Symudiad and Aled Wyn.

Saturday 12 July, 4pm

Literature Tent Tafwyl Festival, Cardiff.

Friday 18 July , 8pm

Saith Seren, Wrexham

Saturday 19 July, 4.45pm

Clwb Canol Dre, Gŵyl Arall Festival, Caernarfon.

Thursday 24 July, 7.30pm

Neuadd y Dderwen, Rhosygilwen, Cilgerran, Aberteifi.


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